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Leaf Stoves - The Napoli Pizzeria

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Leaf Stoves - The Napoli Pizzeria

The Napoli Pizzeria model is a dedicated outdoor stove with the same Clean Burn features as the Elegance & Classic models. However it has the added feature of being more than just a garden wood burning stove it has the twist of an open compartment at the top where are you can place a pizza stone and then cook a delicious stone baked pizza up to 14” or warm breads. So if you just fancy a nibble of freshly baked breads or a pizza to share under the stars the Napoli Pizzeria is for you.

Key Features

  • Compact size – 475mm wide x 400mm deep x 735mm high to cooking surface
  • Pizzeria Cooking compartment at the front, for cooking the perfect pizza and/or freshly baked breads up to 14” diameter
  • Rear wheels for move-ability
  • Stainless Steel flue pipe – which is easily removable for storage 1.0 metre long
  • Towel Rail at the rear for hanging your cooking utensils and moving the stove
  • Full 3 way Air management for a Clean Burn stove, with an air wash system to keep the door glass clear & clean
  • Primary Air & Tertiary Air to ensure high efficiency for maximum heat output from the wood being burnt
  • Fully coated with anti-corrosion coating to help prevent discolouration and rust
  • Fully British Made – with 3 year Warranty (conditions apply)

An Amazing Cooking Experience

  • CHAR-GRILLING – traditional BBQ grilling over the hot glowing embers of the charcoals for that BBQ char grilled finish for steaks, ribs, chicken breasts, lamb cutlets, kebabs, burgers, sausages & vegetables, the Grill Plate allows you to sear that wide
    diamond grid finish into your food showing everyone that you’re a true grill master with stripes.
  • DELICATE GRILLING – using the Griddle Plate for an indirect delicate heat for cooking and locking in the flavours for
    seafoods, fish and tender fillet steaks
  • ROASTING – Slow cooking a large joint of meat on the indirect heat of the Griddle Plate
  • SMOKING – Boost the flavour of the food and infuse that smoky flavour and taste into your Ribs and glazes with hickory
    wood chips using the indirect heat of the Griddle Plate
  • BAKING – Real Baked Potatoes full of that outdoor BBQ moist flavour using indirect heat on the Griddle Plate
  • FAST WOK COOKING – High temperature fast cooking using Asian fusion in the Wok to bring a twist to the Al Fresco
    experience, using the Griddle Plate with the round Wok infill plate removed